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from the school of AstroNumerology and Matrix of Destiny "Compass"

Start: November 27
by Numerology
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Day 1

Master Class Program

Identify sources of psychic abilities.
You will learn how to:
Determine whether you are on the right path.
Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Determine if you have a pronounced karmic debt (personal and ancestral one).
Calculate your Destiny Triangle, your Life Path number and the potential that was given to you at birth.
Understand why such aspects of life as finance, relationships, health, and others can be blocked.
Day 2
You will learn how to:
Understand what blocks and activates your cash flows.
Calculate your money channel.
Determine favorable professions that will bring you money.
Day 3
You will learn how to:
Calculate your financial code.
Create an astrology birth chart.
Determine the presence of karmic debts based on your birth chart.

In this master class you will understand what will really bring you and your loved ones success, prosperity, abundance.

Author of books and methods

Founder of the school "Compass"

The author of the master class — Anna Sarkanich

Psychologist, numerologist, regressologist

More than 3,000 of our graduates do business around the world
8 books published
Copyright certificates obtained
Thousands of positive reviews on Instagram
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